On This Day 19th-May-2012

This week’s on this day post comes from the 19th-May-2012, and I’m in America starting out on my ride across the USA.

Saturday, May-19th-2012. San Francisco to Stockton. 78 miles.

I had a bit of a nightmare getting out of San Francisco at the start of the day. I started off by going over the Golden Gate Bridge, as it was the only cyclable route I could find out of the city. But then realised that it would have meant a forty-mile detour to get on the route I’d worked out.

After realising the detour, I would have ended up on. I stopped to look at my map. While looking at my map, a man walking across the bridge stopped to talk. After telling him about my plight, he suggested I use the Bart, San Francisco’s underground. They allow bikes on it. After asking the man to take my photo, I headed back into the city to find the underground. Although I didn’t think he was lying, I was a little sceptical. But it had to be worth a try if it saved me a forty-mile detour.

Man on bike
On the Golden Gates Bridge

I found the Bart station I needed, and sure enough, I was allowed to take my bike on it. It did feel strange, though, riding the underground with my bike. But who cares as long as it got me out of San Francisco. I still had a nightmare once I was back on the bike in Oakland. And I’m not on the road I wanted to be, but where I am is good enough.

I Hope Things Improve

Going on today’s effort and looking at the map, it’s not going to be that straightforward getting to New York! But it felt great to be cycling again today. And even better to be cycling without that stupid helmet. I left that in Australia. I had a great choice of places to eat tonight, McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell or Jack in The Box. All fine gourmet restaurants!

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