On This Day 20th-May-2015

20th-May-2015 this week’s on this day post, and I’m in Spain, halfway through my tour of Spain and Portugal. This was when Spain was in the grips of a heatwave, with daytime temperatures in the late thirties and early forties! It was hard going, but it was a lot cooler now than when I was cycling through the country’s centre.

Jerez Cathedral
Wednesday 20th-May-2015 Tarifa to Jerez. 70 miles

Very familiar campsite last night, and I eventually worked out why. It was the same campsite I stayed in after returning from Morocco on my 2009 tour. It hadn’t changed at all.

I’ve found a new game to play today, which I came up with whilst drudging up some hill. Catch the bead of sweat! The idea is that I have to hit my crossbar with the sweat that drips off my face. It’s a lot harder than you think trying to time it right! I got pretty good at it after a while. Too much sun, or too much time on my own perhaps!?!

I managed to get lost again today while cycling through a town called Chiclana. Everything was going okay until I hit some roadworks, and the road I wanted was closed. So I followed the diversion signs, telling me to go left, or should I say sign, there was only one. And that was at the point where the road was closed. I never saw another one. After turning left and cycling for about a mile, I realised I was going in the wrong direction. And after cycling around in circles for half an hour or so, I came across a McDonald’s. So I stopped for something to eat and used their wifi to find the road I wanted, which, as it turned out, was only one hundred yards away!

More Confusion

I’m staying in a hotel tonight as there were no campsites around. And seeing as they had good wifi, I thought I’d check out the ferries home. I got so confused and wished I hadn’t. I need to be home by the 4th of June as Julie is on holiday. But the ferries either left before I could reach Santander or Bilbao, they were fully booked, or they left too late. I’m giving up now and going for a few beers. I’ll take another look later. Hopefully, it’ll all be clearer then, or maybe not clear at all if I have too much to drink!!

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2 Replies to “On This Day 20th-May-2015”

  1. Hi Garry,
    Yesterday it was 36 C in Granada of course in the shade.
    Today in Málaga only 32 C and pleasent wind.
    Keep on healing!
    Andras from a mountain pass tour in Spain

    1. Thanks, Andras. It’s hard going, but the scenery is spectacular. I remember well the heat and mountains of Spain.
      Glad to hear you’re still out touring
      Stay safe and keep peddling!

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