On This Day 23rd-September-2013

This week’s on this day post comes from the 23rd-September-2013, and I’m in the Black Forest of Germany, struggling with ridiculously steep hills and cycle routes. I remember buying some maps on a smaller scale which I thought might help, which they did. But I would have had to buy so many I wouldn’t have been able to carry them all. This is a time before smartphones.

Monday 23rd September 2013. Freiburg to Donaueschingen 52 miles

It’s not been a good day, I’ve been on cycle paths for much of the day, and they’ve been driving me mad! Don’t get me wrong. Cycle paths are good if you know where you’re going. But when you’ve got a map on the scale that I have. That doesn’t show the smaller towns that appear on the cycle route signs. Cycle paths are a bit useless.

Man bike mountains
On top of Col de la Schlucht

If only I could cycle down the road, I would be okay, but the roads have large signs saying bicycles aren’t allowed. And being the law-abiding citizen I am, I’ve been a good boy. Plus, there’s been a lot of police about! Instead, I have to stick to the cycle routes, which I think have taken me over every single mountain in the Black Forest. And many of my routes have been on dirt tracks, on ridiculously steep inclines. Many were too steep to cycle in one go, and I had to keep stopping.

But on a positive note, the sun was shining, the scenery was spectacular, and I also met some nice people. Who tried to point me in the right direction but sent me on a different route! I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow!

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