On This Day 26th-May-2012

This week’s on this day post comes from the 26th-May-2012, and I’m in America on a strange weather day. I also met another cyclist, Jan from Belgium, who I still keep in contact with from time to time to this day.

Saturday, 26th May 2012, Ely to the Nevada-Utah border. 63 miles.

As I looked out my motel window this morning, it was blowing a gale, and there were some ominous black clouds to the East. My direction of travel! So I debated whether to stay another night in Ely or not. But after a cup of coffee and my regulation noodles, I looked out the window again. The clouds had gone, and there was a clear blue sky! It was still very windy, but I decided to go for it, knowing I only had sixty miles to cycle today.

After leaving my motel room, I saw the black clouds. They were hiding around the other side of the building! If I hadn’t left the motel key in my room, I would have returned to my room! But there wasn’t any choice with the door slamming shut behind me. I had to leave!

I’ve Found A Friend

As I headed out of town, it started to get really dark and cold! In the distance, I could see another cyclist standing by the side of the road. As I pulled up, we introduced ourselves. His name was Jan, and he was from Belgium. He was also debating whether to continue, as it looked very bleak up ahead! After talking, we both decided to go for it.

As we rode along, the temperature dropped, and it got really cold. Unfortunately, I was only wearing shorts and sandals, and I soon had to stop to put another layer on! Then after another mile or two, it started to snow with a bitterly cold wind! And after going down a rather long hill, I had to stop again, and put trainers, socks and trousers on! The snow was only brief, but the cold wind remained with us all day.

Men bicycles street sign
With Jan in the snow

It was nice to ride along with somebody else, especially on such an awful day. It helped both of us to keep going. We parted company with only 6 miles to go for both of us, as Jan was heading in a different direction to me.

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