On This Day 27th-October-2016

This week’s on this day post comes from the 27th-October-2016. I’m in India this week in a grumpy mood. Just for a change!

Thursday, 27th October. Jhansi to Orai. 70 miles.

It’s been a tough ride today. The roads have been pretty awful. There’s been potholes, ruts and ribbing, but I can’t complain too much. It’s the first time I’ve had a bad road that’s gone on for any distance on this trip. The other thing that’s made it a tough ride is a strong headwind that just wouldn’t go away. Another reason for finding it hard today is that I didn’t sleep very well last night, and I’m wondering if it’s a side effect of my steroids, giving me insomnia.

The scenery hasn’t been exactly enthralling today. It’s been flat, so I never got any respite from the wind. And for most of the day, I’ve been surrounded by rice fields that didn’t even have any rice in them. They were just flooding the fields before planting the next rice crop. There was one change of scenery this morning when a fort appeared out of nowhere. But then it was back to rice fields.

A fort at Amargarh.
The fort at Amargarh, which appeared out of nowhere
Not A Good Start To The Day

With little sleep last night, I didn’t wake up in the best of moods, which was made worse when I checked out of the hotel. As I went to check out, I had to pay my food bill from the previous night, which they tried to charge me double! Not only did the manager try to charge me double, but he also added a service charge. I know I ate in my room, but that was only because they said the restaurant was closed and insisted I eat in my room.

The manager was adamant that that was the price even though I pointed to the price printed on the menu, which was the lower price. And it was he who insisted I eat in my room last night. In the end, I just paid. I really couldn’t be bothered. After all, it was only three pounds I was arguing over. It was just the principal! The hotel “Highway” should be renamed the hotel “Highway Robbery!”

Mr Grumpy

Because of my bad mood, everything was annoying me. The continuous traffic, the constant blasting of horns, people cutting me up and people on mopeds that ride alongside but don’t say a word. All these things don’t usually wind me up, but today, it was! I had one moped alongside for half an hour or so today. I nearly told him where to go. He was very annoying.

Guesthouse in Orai where Garry stayed for the night.
My guesthouse in Orai

Still, all is well now. I’m in a little guesthouse with my bottle of Pepsi and water! It’s certainly not the cleanest of places. I might even put the tent up in the room. It’s that bad, but at least it’s a room for the night.

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