On This Day 29th-July-2012

This week’s on this day post comes from the 29th-July-2012, and I’m in Turkey, or rather Turkiye, now on my World tour. And this will be my first day’s full cycling since being knocked off my bike back in New York a few weeks ago. And I’m not happy.

Sunday, 29th-July-2012 Istanbul to Sakarya. 86 miles.

So much for an early start today. I didn’t get cycling until nearly half-past nine this morning. The ferry that crossed the Bosphorus didn’t start running until nine o’clock, which was fine with me. I was a little nervous about cycling today anyway.

Mosque with turrets
Looking back towards the Hagia Sophia as I cross the Bosphorus

I’ve really not enjoyed today and have been questioning why I’m continuing to ride. After all, I’d completed what I set out to do: cycle to Australia. Every time a lorry or car came anywhere near me, I was worried they would hit me. It’s been winding me up all day thinking about the woman that knocked me off and how I used to enjoy my cycling. But at the moment I’m really not! Hopefully, things will improve over the next few days, because if not!?

I also look like I’ve just started cycling with my new panniers and top. It’s a bit like when you’ve got new trainers, you like them, but you are glad when they’ve dulled down a bit!

One fear has been allayed today, as I’ve managed to find enough snacks and fluids, which is just as well. I’ve got through over nine litres of water, plus fizzy drinks. It’s been pretty hot. I saw one sign saying it was forty-three degrees! I’m not sure how accurate it was, but it’s been hot.

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