On This Day 30th-September-2013

This week’s on this day post comes from the 30th-September-2013, and I’m on my ride to Greece on the same tour as last week’s post. But I’ve now made it to Italy, having cycled through Austria in the past week. But by all accounts, it’s not been the best of days.

Monday 30th September 2013. Vittorio to Trieste 86 miles

What a miserable day, it’s been raining on and off more or less all day. And there’s been a strong wind driving the rain straight at me. I was glad to finish tonight. Although one good thing today is that I seem to have left all the mountains behind me, I’ve had a relatively flat ride compared to the past few days.

Road going through rock tunnel
The coast road today, on one of the rare moments when it wasn’t wet.

I realised tonight that it’s going to be my last night in Italy, tomorrow I should be in Slovenia, country number five. I’ve also made it back to the coast, and apparently, my hotel is on the beach overlooking the Gulf of Triest. So the leaflet in my room says! It was dark when I arrived, and I’d had enough of the rain, so I never bothered going to look.

It’s a bit of a trendy hotel tonight, which you’d never have guessed from the outside. But who cares? The rooms nice, and the shower was nice and warming. Unfortunately, the restaurant wasn’t open, so I had to venture back out into the rain. But luckily, I found a takeaway pizza just along the road.

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