Travelsonabike2 Germany This Day 3rd-November-2011

This week’s Travelsonabike2 on this day post comes from Turkey on the 3rd-November-2011. And I’m on my way to Australia, although it hadn’t been long since I’d left home. It was a busy day, having cycled in three different countries in one day.

Margut, France to Peel-Sinz, Germany via Luxembourg. 74 miles.

I was on the road nice and early today and just as well! I wouldn’t have got half as far had I not. Wind, rain and hills, I’ve had the lot today! I was glad to finish, especially as the road had just started to climb again! That hill can wait until tomorrow; I want a beer!

I cycled through Luxembourg today. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a lot; it was raining too much! Despite being very hilly, I still managed to cycle across the country in one day. And there are not too many countries that you can say that about. We won’t mention that it was only 30 miles, though. Despite never going to Luxembourg, it brought back many memories of camping when I was young.

Autumnal trees by road
Lovely Autumnal colours

In the tent at night, I would always listen to “Radio Luxembourg.” Broadcasting from the Grand Dutchie, I think, was their tagline? It was the only thing to listen to at night, and I have vivid memories of Ian Dury and the Blockheads and their song “Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick!” Haha, happy memories.

I got a ticking off from the police this morning after getting caught cycling on a motorway. Oops! I just played the dumb tourist. Wait, I don’t need to play the dumb tourist. I am.

Nobody speaks English at tonight’s hotel, which I suppose I should start getting used to. Even though nobody spoke English, I had an entertaining evening trying to explain to the hotel owner what I was doing, which I think I managed. All I heard for the rest of the evening branded around was “blah blah blah Australia.”

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