Photos From June 2017

A collection of photos from June 2017 that have appeared on the various media platforms that Garry is on. i.e., Facebook and Twitter

There are also some random photos that Garry just took! The rest are ones that have appeared in different posts on the website this month.

It’s been a busy month on the photographic front as there are more photos from June in the Somerset photo album which are different to these.

2 Replies to “Photos From June 2017”

  1. Good selection. What sort of grub do you cook up when your in the tent? On your Uk trips do you sometimes stay B&B or even in a hotel?

    1. Generally it’s pasta and curry dishes, but I’ll also cook a chilli or one of my favourites corned beef hash! It also varies a lot on what I can find, sometimes it’s just plain pasta cooked in a stock cube!
      I’ve only got back into camping since I got my new tent earlier this year.
      Never or rather very rare do I stop in B&B’S it’s normally a hotel but then it starts getting expensive as not only do you have to pay for the room you generally have to buy a meal as you can’t cook!

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