Portuguese Bike Ride 12th-August-2009

Garry McGivern’s Portuguese bike ride, Wednesday 12th-August-2009 Figueira to Porto Covo. 82 Miles. After such a hot day yesterday, I wanted to be on the road as early as possible. So I could get as many miles in before it became too hot to cycle.

It was dark when my alarm clock went off at half past four this morning. And still hot, it must have still been in the mid-twenties, even at that time of day. Although it was dark now, I knew it would be light by the time I’d had breakfast and packed away.

The Mira River at Vila Nova de Milfontes

It was just coming up to six o’clock and starting to get light as I began to make my way out of the naturist’s camp! Although I didn’t get very far, the main gate to the campsite was locked. But at least there was a small side gate, and when I say small, I mean tiny. And even after taking all my panniers off, I struggled to get my bike through!

There have been a lot more hills today, and hard going in this heat. And I’ve decided to stick as close to the coast as possible. That way, I get to benefit from what little breeze there is, and in this heat, any help is greatly appreciated. And getting on the road as early as possible is definitely the way forward. I made sure that the camp gate wouldn’t be locked tomorrow morning.

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