2008 Bicycle Tours

2008 tours

2008 the start of Garry’s cycling adventures. After the sad death of Garry’s wife in 2007, Garry wanted to do something for the local Hospice that had cared for her and decided to go on a charity cycle ride from Spain back to England.

Garry had only been back home from his charity ride from Spain for a week when he started to get itchy feet, so he decided to cycle to Paris. Garry’s second outing of the year.

Garry’s final outing of the year was once again in Spain, but this time Garry would stay in Spain and cycle through the country down to Dénia where he would catch a ferry to the Balearics. That was the idea anyway, but things didn’t go quite according to plan!

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Southern France June 2008
Spain to England
Arc de Triomphe
Tour of Spain October/November 2008


There are also plenty of smaller rides that Garry has completed throughout the year which can be found in the archive section of the website, just click on a month to read more.

You can also find some of them on Garry’s Flickr page.

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