France and Switzerland Bicycle Tour

July/August 2010

France this was the return trip for Garry where he was going to meet up with Katrin, the Swiss cyclist Garry had met on his previous trip. Together they were going to finish cycling the Loire Valley.

Garry caught the Eurostar from St Pancras London to Gare du Nord Paris where he met up with Katrin who had caught the train from Switzerland.

Once reunited they then caught another train back to Orleans where they had ended their previous tour.

After a day or two in Orleans, they then resumed cycling along the Loire valley and reached Saint-Nazaire on the Atlantic coast. The end or start of euro velo route 6 depending on your direction!

Once they had reached Saint-Nazaire, they then proceeded to cycle up the Atlantic coast. They got as far as Vannes where they then cut inland across to Saint-Malo in Brittany. Once again they followed the coastline up to Le Havre where they caught a ferry back to England.

After a few days in England playing tourists, they then caught the ferry back to Le Havre. Back in France they now set off towards Switzerland. On-route to Switzerland, they explored many cities and towns.

Arriving in Switzerland, they once again explored the cities and towns on-route to Katrin’s home in Sarnen. Garry spent another week in Switzerland with Katrin acting as Garry’s tour guide.

Before he knew it, it was time for Garry to say farewell Katrin and head back home to England. This time by plane!

Total miles covered in France and Switzerland 1574.

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