Wales and Ireland Bicycle Tour

April 2010

For Garry’s first bicycle tour of the year, he was heading to Wales and Ireland.

It was a return trip to Ireland after cutting his tour short the previous year. (Garry’s 2009 tour page)

It was in early April 2010 when Garry left his house in Bognor Regis on the south coast of England. The plan was to cycle up through England and Wales and catch a ferry to Ireland.

While cycling in Wales Garry was starting to struggle; his right leg was causing him a lot of pain.

After crossing into Ireland, the pain became too much for Garry, and he headed for the hospital to get it checked out.

After spending the day in hospital having test after test, the doctor’s verdict was not to cycle and to rest the leg for a few days!

Rather than sit around Dublin in the hope that his leg would get better, Garry decided to return home! Once again failing to cycle Ireland!

Total miles cycled 365.



Wales and Ireland bicycle tour

Garry’s route

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