2011/12 Bicycle Tours

2011/12 tours

Garry’s 2011/12 bicycle tours, this was the big one!

Garry started the year off with a ride from Malaga to Monaco as a warm up to his big bicycle ride later in the year! It was also to fill a gap in the coastline of Europe that Garry hadn’t cycled yet. Then he could say that he had cycled around the coast of Europe, from Venice to Amsterdam.

His next cycle ride in September was hardly a ride at all, but it had great Significance. It was a charity cycle ride with family and friends in aid of cancer researchIt was to be the start of Garry’s fundraising for the following year.

October came, and it was now time for the big one, cycling to Australia! Garry was to spend a year cycling to Australia.

After having to alter his route through various reasons, Garry reached Australia in six months! Having planned to be away for at least a year, Garry decided to turn it into a world tour!

And in just over a year Garry managed to cycle over 22,000-miles and passed through 22 different countries!

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Malaga to Monaco April-May 2011
Malaga to Monaco
Pre-World tour charity ride


Bognor to Brisbane October 2011-November 2012
World Tour

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