Malaga to Monaco Bicycle Tour

April/May 2011

Malaga to Monaco, a rather short ride for Garry but it was for a couple of reasons.

Reason 1; In previous trips, Garry had cycled around the coastline of Europe from Venice to Amsterdam apart from the coast that runs from Malaga to Monaco

Reason 2; To try out taking his bike on an aeroplane! Something that Garry had always been nervous about and had avoided!

In the past, Garry had always found other ways of getting to his destinations, but with his big tour coming up later in the year, he knew he’d have to catch a flight! So he thought it best to try it out in Europe first where he wouldn’t be too far from home!

It was April and time for Garry to catch his first flight with the bike, which was from London Gatwick, to say Garry was a little apprehensive was an understatement! But his apprehension was totally unfounded, as his bike along with him arrived totally unscathed!

Once in Spain relieved his bike was ok he then set about cycling up the coast to Monaco.

Once he reached Monaco he turned inland and cycled up through France to Le Havre where he caught a ferry back to England.

After spending the night in Portsmouth it was off to the Isle of Wight for the annual cycle ride across the island with about 50 other people, all of different ages and abilities.

In total 1821 miles cycled.

Buildings, water

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