2013 Bicycle Tours

2013 tours

A quiet year on the bicycle-touring front, with only one major tour! But it was a pretty major one!

Garry hadn’t been on any bicycle tours or none of any significance since returning from his world tour at the end of last year! And had spent the year working or as best he could! Garry had a reoccurrence of a bad back which had plagued him for a few years now!

Remembering that his back had cleared up by the time he reached Istanbul when he was on his world tour! There was only one thing to do! Go on another tour, a rather long one!

It was all at very short notice, Garry only decided the day before leaving that he was going to go away! Although he had been thinking about going on this tour back in June, but work commitments prevented him.

So where was Garry going? He decided that he was going to cycle to Greece!

It was a good distance away, and it also meant that Garry would increase the distance that he had cycled around the coastline of Europe!

Previous trips had seen him cycling the coastline of mainland Europe from Venice all the way around and up as far as Amsterdam!

He planned to cycle back to Italy then follow the Adriatic coast to Greece.

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Athens September-October 2013


There are also plenty of smaller rides that Garry has completed throughout the year which you can find in the archive section of the website, just click on a month to read more.

You can also find some of them on Garry’s Flickr page.

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