Bognor to John O’Groats Bicycle Tour

September 2014

Bognor to John O’Groats bicycle tour, Garry’s second tour of the year. Not quite the classic Lands’ End to John O’Groats cycle ride! But then Garry does like to be different!

Garry had spent much of the year visiting hospitals after an operation on a slipped disc back in March. But now he was free and able to go on tour!

After starting to cycle to John O’Groats back in July on his Southwest England tour, Garry decided to finish it off! But rather than start from Land’s End, (he’d been there once and wasn’t going to go back!) he would instead start from his house on the south coast of England.

It took Garry less than two weeks to reach John O’Groats, which was a bit of an anti-climax there’s nothing there! But at least Garry had now cycled some of Scotland, which was very picturesque.

Once in John O’Groats Garry stayed in the only hotel, there was a campsite, but it was raining when he arrived so he took the easy option!

The following day Garry headed for home. Firstly, having to cycle 20-miles to Thurso. Once in Thurso Garry caught a couple of trains getting him to Edinburgh where he boarded the Caledonian sleeper to London. In London, it was a short cycle ride across the city to catch his last train back to Bognor Regis.

Total miles covered on this trip 777.


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