Southwest England Bicycle Tour

July 2014

It was mid-July and Garry hadn’t been on any bicycle tours all year due to the slipped disc that occurred on his tour to Athens last October.

It turned out that it was a rather bad slip and required Garry to have an operation.

The operation was carried out in March and went well, although Garry was unable to ride his bike for several weeks!

After what seemed like an eternity to Garry, eventually, he was allowed to cycle! But still had to attend hospital and physio appointments every week!

Suddenly Garry realised that he had ten days free between appointments, just enough time to get a little tour in somewhere! But where could he go in such a short time?

Thinking it through, Garry decided that it was probably best to stay in the UK, just in case something went wrong with his back! After deciding to tour in the UK where could he go?

After a bit of thought, he decided to head to Cornwall.

Reaching the most westerly point in Cornwall Lands’ End, Garry couldn’t go any further. Now at Lands’ End, Garry started to think of the classic cycle ride “Lands’ End to John O’Groats”!

Although Garry knew he didn’t have enough time to cycle as far as John O’Groats! He thought he would cycle as far as he could!

Garry got as far as Cheltenham nearly 300-miles from Lands’ End before he ran out of time and had to return home.

Not a very long tour but Garry still managed to cover 750 miles.


Southwest England July 2014

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