2016 Bicycle Tours

2016 was a busy year for Garry, unfortunately not on the cycling front and he only managed one major tour.

Garry’s daughter Vicky was getting married in September so his passport was confiscated just to make sure that he would be around for the wedding. Not that Garry would miss it, but his daughter wasn’t taking any chances!

Once the wedding was over, and the happy couple were back from honeymoon (Garry had to babysit the cat!) Garry was off, quite literally!

Vicky and Paul landed in the morning, and Garry flew out that same day to India.

Garry’s original plan was to cycle around the south of India and then back up to Kolkata, but after realising that he could now cross into Myanmar, he changed his plans and decided to head east to Myanmar instead. Myanmar was one of the countries that Garry wanted to pass through on his world tour in 2011, but at the time it wasn’t permitted to cross by land into the country.

Although Garry had already booked a flight to Mumbai (which wasn’t the ideal starting point for a trip to Myanmar), Garry still had enough time to cycle across India, cross into Myanmar and then cycle down to Thailand and fly home from Bangkok.

Unfortunately, two weeks before Garry was due to fly to India the Myanmar government changed the rules, and it was no longer possible to cross into Myanmar at one point and leave by another.

After once again not being able to cross Myanmar Garry decided to still head in that direction just in case the rules changed once more, but if they didn’t, he would then head to Nepal.

Please click on the picture below to find out more about Garry’s tour of India and Nepal.

India and Nepal

Although this was Garry’s only major tour of 2016 he still managed one or two smaller tours, which can be found in the archive section of the website, just click on a month to read more.

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