2017 Bicycle Tours

2017 bicycle tours

Not the best of years as far as cycling is concerned as there were no big tours this year. (Garry normally classes a tour as being 500 miles or more)

He did, however, manage a few smaller rides, which in any normal year would have probably equated to just one distance-wise, but that’s the way it goes some years! Garry also got back into more cycle camping after purchasing a new MSR tent.

His first ride of the year was a camping trip to Dorset and Hampshire, England.

On Garry’s second outing he was off to Somerset again in England.

Garry’s third outing of the year was a trip over the water to France, and in Garry’s final tour of the year he once again went to France, but this time he finished it off in England with a ride around the Isle of Wight.

You can find other rides that Garry has completed throughout the year in the archive section of the website, just click on a month to read more.

You can also find some of them on Garry’s Flickr page.

Click on any picture to view that tour.

Ruined castle
Dorset and Hampshire
Muchelney Abbey
Hotel de ville in Caen
France & The Isle of Wight

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