Normandy Bicycle Tour

This trip to France came as a bit of a surprise to Garry! Garry had set off with the intention of going to the Isle of Wight for the weekend, but for some reason, ended up going France!

After arriving at the Isle of Wight ferry terminal, Garry found out that there was a bit of a wait for the next ferry, so being Mr inpatient, he went around the corner to the continental ferry terminal and booked a ferry to Le Havre instead!

Once in France, Garry decided to head up to Dieppe, a picturesque route following the Normandy coastline with its impressive white cliffs and historic towns.

Once in Dieppe Garry went to check into a campsite only to find out that it had closed for the winter that day! Thinking that booking into a hotel would be a bit of a waste (his ferry left at 5.30am and probably meant that he would have to be there an hour earlier anyway) he went into town and sat around the bars and cafes until they closed which was surprisingly early! After being left on the street, Garry went for a ride around Dieppe before going to the ferry terminal and spending the night there on one of the seats!

After arriving back in England at Newhaven the following morning it was a short ride along the coast back to Bognor Regis.

A nice little weekend tour with 200 miles covered.

Garry’s photo album

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Normandy, France October 2017
The route Garry took