England April 2018

It’s now April, and Garry has been forced to give up work! With no news on when Garry’s going to get his new hip, he decided to go away on his bike.

The weather was superb the country was in the grip of a heatwave, so it seemed the ideal time to go away. There was no plan or destination Garry was going to go away and make it up as he went along!

Garry’s first destination was Swanage the destination of his first ever long distance cycle ride. Forty-miles from home his saddle broke! Not wanting to carry on with a broken saddle Garry got the train home and swapped the saddle over.

The next day with his old saddle back on the bike Garry got the train and headed back to Southampton where he’d left off yesterday and continued his ride to Swanage.

The following morning Garry packed up and headed to the Isle of Wight.

Typical, England after a few days of sunshine it breaks and in a very dramatic! Garry got caught in a spectacular thunderstorm, which raged around him for a good three-hours!

After surviving the night and not too sure where to go after the Isle of Wight Garry returned home.

After spending the night at home, Garry then caught the train to London, this time he was going to visit some friends and camp for the night in London.

Garry was due to leave the following morning but the past few days of cycling seemed to have caught up with him (not that he’d cycled far), and he was in too much pain to move!

After a day of just hanging around the campsite, Garry moved on but was still struggling and only managed to cycle 25-miles!

Despite the fact that Garry was now struggling he was still enjoying himself and took the view that he was better off on the road, rather than sitting at home, where it’s all too easy to sit around and do nothing!

Over the next two days, Garry managed to cycle another 53-miles on the journey home.

Total miles covered 292

Garry’s photo album on Flickr
Touring bike loaded with panniers
Passepartout all loaded up and ready to go
MAP showing where garry spent each night
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