England May 2018

Garry’s had a lot of pain since his last tour, but he’s now got some new medication to take, so now feels strong enough to go away again.

With only a couple of days spare and not wanting to go too far, Garry decided that he’d not been to Salisbury for a while and could easily make it there in one day.

Salisbury had been in the news quite a lot in the past couple of months because of a recent chemical attack on a couple!

Undeterred by the recent events, Garry cycled the 85-miles from his home to Salisbury, possibly helped by the steroids he was now on!

After a bad nights sleep, Garry was up early and on the road before 7 o’clock, which these days is pretty good for Garry, he normally has to wait an hour or two for his tablets to kick in!

With his nice early start and despite following cycle routes, which are never direct! He was in the New Forest by 10 o’clock and would have been at his campsite by 11 o’clock!

Realising the time, he decided to keep going and head to Adgestone on the Isle of Wight instead.

After another bad night and finding out that his tent wasn’t waterproof, he decided to go home by following an app on his phone, which took him over fields, through housing estates and over the steepest hills on the island!

Despite going around the houses to get home (quite literally) Garry still had a nice ride home.

Total miles cycled 167

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Salisbury cathedral

Map of Garry’s Route to Salisbury

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