Quad Lock Stem Bar Mount

The Quad Lock stem bar mount is used to mount Garry’s phone onto the stem of his handlebars, simply twist and lock! The phone is attached to the Quad Lock with specially adapted phone cases which you can get for all popular phones. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one that fitted Garry’s phone! Not a problem you can buy a separate adapter to stick to the back of your phone case.

Quad Lock stem bar mount adapter
The adapter stuck to the back of Garry’s phone

Its position right in front of him allows him to see any incoming calls and it’s quick release system allows Garry to answer them before they ring off, even with gloves on it’s easy to release! Pull down the locking nut and twist to lift off!

The Quad lock has proved invaluable when Garry wants to use his phone as a navigation tool, no more having to try and ride along holding the phone in one hand and steering with the other hoping he doesn’t have to brake suddenly!

The quick release system also works well when Garry wants to take a picture it’s there right in front of him not buried somewhere in the bottom of the bar bag and once again it’s quick and easy to release.

An invaluable piece of kit for any cycle tourist.

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