Salisbury Bicycle Ride Video

Salisbury bicycle ride video, an early morning ride through the centre of historic Salisbury. Filmed in June, before Garry’s little stint in the hospital! Garry had just spent the night camping on the outskirts of the city. After cycling up from Langton Matravers the night before. He was now heading south, possibly to the Isle of Wight.

Garry followed National Cycle Network route 24 to get through the city.

It’s notable how many shops are closed and empty! An unfortunate picture that seems to be the same in every high street!



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2 Replies to “Salisbury Bicycle Ride Video”

  1. Hi Garry! A lovely town. For a moment I thought you were back on the bike. Has the seeping stopped? been in the wars: the left pedal fell off my bike and I couldn’t remember how to screw it back and I feared the thread had gone. The bike shop fixed it for me free of charge. Then today, I fell off turning a sharp corner. (Took all the skin off my elbow.)
    It’s all catching up with me now. I have just had a course of acupuncture for knee pain.
    I’m not worried; on a fine day I sit outside the Railway Inn drinking half a pint of beer shandy.

    1. Salisbury is a charming place with plenty of history. Unfortunately, my wound is still weeping, and I don’t foresee being allowed back on the bike until it has!
      Now you know why you fell off your bike, don’t you? Not enough beer! Although I’m surprised, you even had a shandy! I’ll remember that the next time I’m over. At least at your age, you have an excuse for forgetting things, I forget things, and I’m half your age, nearly! I hope the elbow’s not too painful, and it heals soon.

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