Saturday 10th November 2012 – Hongsibu to Dingbian.

Hongsibu to Dingbian. 99 miles.

It snowed in the night and looking out of the hotel it looked as if there was quite a bit, which was slightly worrying, but once I got out and on the roads it was fine they were all clear.

Bitterly cold wind today, it even froze my front wheel when I stopped for a comfort break, so I had to get my camp stove out boil some water up and defrost it! Not a very pleasant rest of the day after, I kept wondering if it would freeze up again, it seemed ok if I kept a good speed up, but going up hill it started to make a funny noise as if it was starting to freeze up again! Where the snow had defrosted in the sun and had formed puddles, as I rode through them it would spray up onto the bike and freeze. I was really glad to stop today and warm up!

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