Saturday 11th August 2012 – Qazax to Ganca.

Qazax to Ganca. 67 miles.

Bit of a nightmare to get going again this morning, woke up at my normal time of 5, only to find it was still like the middle of the night! Eventually got up about 6, it was still dark but thought it couldn’t be dark for much longer! Went down stairs and loaded up my bike but couldn’t find anybody on reception, normally it wouldn’t be a problem I’d just leave, but they still had my passport! Somebody eventually turned up at 7.30!

Because it’s so hot I like to be on the road as early as possible before it starts getting too hot, so it was particularly annoying this morning knowing there wasn’t a breakfast, so no need to hang around!

Despite this mornings delay I still managed to finish fairly early and staying at a resort hotel with lovely large pool, now that was nice in this heat!

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