Bike-Ride to Australia 11th-February-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Saturday 11th-February-2012 Ipoh to Rawang. 111 miles. I’m sure that last night’s hotel was a knocking shop! There were loads of scantily clad women in the bar, cuddling up to various men. I didn’t stay too long!

I had to sort my saddle out this morning before I set off. Yesterday’s ride was a bit uncomfortable, so I knew my saddle needed tightening. I tried to sort it out last night, but the nut had ceased up, and I’m not talking about the nut that sits on it!! Before going to bed, I put some oil on the nut and thread and left it overnight. It worked okay, and I managed to tighten it up before setting off today and had a much more comfortable ride today.


I think I may have had sunstroke today! It was 5 pm, and I’d already cycled ninety miles and was now thinking of cycling another forty miles to Kuala Lumpur! But suddenly, a storm blew in and blew in with a vengeance. The wind got up, and there was thunder and lightning all around. I stopped at the first possible chance! The storm had probably done me a favour because it wouldn’t have just been the forty miles to cycle. I would have then had to find somewhere to stop. It could have been a really long day.

I’ve passed 6214 miles today, which is a random number until you convert it into kilometres. I’ve now cycled 10,000km since leaving home! Surely that deserves some donations to Cancer Research! Please? Also, if anyone’s near Barclay’s in Bognor on Monday morning, pop in. My Vicky’s holding a coffee and cake morning proceeds to Cancer Research again.

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