Saturday 11th February 2012 – Ipoh to Rawang

Ipoh to Rawang. 111 miles

I’m sure the hotel last night was a bit of a knocking shop or rather the bar that was in the same building! There just seemed to be loads of scantily clad women, or maybe I’m just getting old!

Had to sort my saddle out first thing this morning, I’d had a bit of an uncomfortable ride yesterday so I knew my saddle needed tightening, but the nut had ceased up and I’m not talking about myself! I’d put some oil on it last night and left it overnight. It worked ok managed to tighten it up and had a much more comfortable ride today.

I was going to try and push on to Kuala Lumpur tonight, but then a storm came in and all of sudden I had this really strong headwind, so as soon as I could I found a hotel. Loads of lightning around that kept lighting up the sky but no rain yet, think it might be more in the distance.

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