Bicycle-Touring Europe October-12th 2013

Bicycle-Touring Europe Saturday October-12th, 2013 Pogradec to Kozani, Greece. 110 miles. I’ve had a good ride today with plenty of downhills! However, there was a rather biggish climb to get out of Pogradec first thing this morning. But apart from that, it’s felt as if I’ve been going downhill all day! Or maybe it’s because the sun has been shining!

Twisting road
The twisting road coming out of Pogradec

Anyway, I’ve decided to continue with my ride. I’m hoping it’s not because I’ve had an easy day today, and I live to regret it tomorrow! But maybe I’ll take a direct route to Athens. Instead of going around the coast, as I initially had planned.

There was a bit of a queue at the border crossing to Greece. I waited in line for a while but soon got bored and decided to ride past all the vehicles. And before I knew it, I was in Greece!

I’ve seen loads of signs telling you to watch out for bears, but I never saw any.

The last fifty or so miles have been on a motorway, making for a fast ride! I was going to stop a lot earlier than I did today. But all the towns I passed didn’t look very promising or were up hills! When I did eventually stop, I could hardly walk! I don’t think the girl on reception could believe I’d ridden from Pogradec, considering I couldn’t even walk!

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