Saturday 13 September. Blair Atholl to Deviot East. 71 miles.

Didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag this morning I was just so comfortable! Eventually I did get up although I was toying with the idea of having a really late start, one so I could stay in bed longer and two to try and dry my tent out a bit, where I’m up and gone early it never gets the chance to dry out and usually by the time I stop the suns gone and it’s starting to get damp again. In the end I decided against waiting for the sun to come up because the last two days I’ve barely seen it it’s just been misty, although today the mist did clear early and I’ve had sunshine all day. I was aiming to get to Inverness today but when I saw a sign for a campsite just before Inverness I thought I’d see if I could get in there, especially after the last two days where I’ve struggled to find anywhere to stop! My luck was in tonight there was loads of room and I’d also managed to stop whilst the sun was still out so I could dry my tent out, it didn’t last long before the mist came down again but at least I nearly managed to dry everything! It’s felt like I’ve been riding up hill most of the day seems to have been a bit of a hard slog. Found a nice cycle path which I’ve been on and off all day, it’s the old A9 road which runs more or less right next to the new busy A9, I’d ride on the old road until it went on a detour through a town or village and if there was no reason for me to stop I’d hop onto the new road, in a lot of places where the new road was in the same place as the old one they’ve put a cycle path next to the road!

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