Saturday 13th October 2012 – Shihezi to Urumqi.

Shihezi to Urumqi. 98 miles.

Decided not to ride on the motorway today, although it’s nice, easy and fast riding it is a little bit boring! Well that didn’t work after about 30 miles the road was closed with no obvious detour, so I just went back on the motorway!

Big city I’m staying in tonight, you’d think that finding a hotel would be easy, took me ages, I suppose being a bigger place they spread out more.

Finished the day off with a big climb that I needn’t have done! I missed my exit and by the time I realised I’d already gone up hill a fare way. When I got to the top of the climb I saw a sign for a hotel, but they were full, so I decided to carry on down this road, which was going back down the hill a different way though, before I knew it I was in the city where I’d intended to stop in the first place, just came into it in the opposite direction!

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