Sunday 15th July. Brighstone to Adgestone. 21 miles.

It was another late start today. I did toy with the idea of stopping another night, but I thought I would probably get bored! And besides all my neighbours packed up and left, I managed to bore them yesterday then!

I decided to follow the coastal road today, even though I knew it would be tough going!


Ventnor harbour

First of all I had to get up St Catherine’s Point, which was a bit of a climb! And there was loads of “mamils” at the top!


Seafront at Ventnor

I then decided to go down to Ventnor Seafront, which I really didn’t need to! I knew it would be hard going and steep, but I forgot just how steep it was! 25% gradient! That made me sweat a bit!

Thatched cottages

Old Shanklin

Finished cycling at about 3.30, I could get use to these late starts and early finishes! But only until my hip gets fixed!

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