Saturday 14th July. Brighstone.

I’ve decided to stay put today! I was going to move on, but seeing as I’ve got such a nice spot overlooking the sea, why move!

Scarecrow on the campsite

The day has been spent talking to my neighbours, or rather annoying them!

Pygmy pig
Pygmy pig

Taking pictures of the animals on the farm, this is a working farm as well as a campsite.


Trying to take selfies with the animals, the only one I got was Gordon the Alpaca, he spat at me straight afterwards, ba#@!*d! Apparently it’s when you make eye contact with him, he doesn’t like to be eyeballed!

Garry and Gordon

Watched several new arrivals struggle to put their tents up! That always amuses me and nine times out of ten it ends up with an argument, although not today!


A pretty enjoyable day really!

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  1. Hey! That was a good day with some nice pictures. I can just imagine a couple trying to put a tent up. I just don’t fancy an open field with cow shit but is is difficult for a single traveller to get accommodation. En avant!

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