Saturday 15th September 2012 – Khromtau to near some village!

Khromtau to near some village! 114 miles.

Pretty dull ride for much of the day. Nothing to see and long straight roads in fact the highlight was turning my map over, but then that was disappointing to see more long straight roads!

The evening was a bit more eventful, I’d pitched my tent and was settling down to a bowl of pasta when a dog appeared and started barking at me, not in a real aggressive way more letting me know he was there, the next minute a young man appeared on a bike. Great I thought, that’s all I need is to be spotted! He came over shook my hand, as they all do and started to chat not that I understood him nor him me but he came and sat with me and had the normal conversation that neither of us understood or not much but there always good. Think he asked what countries I’d been too, we also talked about the Olympics and the medals Kazakhstan won, football and he told me he was looking after some cows which is why he was there. I shared some biscuits with him and his dog Rex. He must have stayed for nearly two hours before he left to go home.

The evening more than made up for the dull day.

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