Saturday 16th June 2012 – Bethany to Lancaster.

Bethany to Lancaster. 86 miles.

Had the wind behind me today which was good, it was really hot and humid though, felt more humid than Singapore, or maybe I’m just not use to it anymore!

Got stopped by a state trooper today, but this time it was to just warn me that there was a pretty nasty storm following me and I might want to find shelter. He showed me on his computer screen in the car, they obviously track storms due to the severity of them. There was quite a lot of red on the screen which wasn’t a good sign! I asked if there was any motels nearby, being a bit unsure he made a phone call for me to try and find out the nearest one which was over 30 miles away, he suggested that maybe I best wait it out in the next town ahead which was only 10 miles away.

Got to the next town or rather a garage just outside and just happened to notice that there was a campsite just behind it. I um’d and arr’d as to whether to continue and try and get to the next town or stay here and camp, I eventually decided to stay and found a nice little spot underneath a lean too and tree so I would be protected a bit, I was worried about hailstones, luckily they never came! Just managed to pitch my tent when the storm hit. It got really dark, the wind got up and the temperature dropped! Loads of thunder and lightning and heavy rain, first time I’ve had to put my guy ropes out in years, don’t usually have to bother, but with the way the wind was picking up thought it best to be safe than sorry!

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