Saturday 17th December 2011

Sat 17. Deori to Raipur. 90 miles

Seemed a bit cooler today, but still nice and warm. Not a very pleasant start to the day, after about an hour I passed a truck that had gone off the road and was on it’s side down a bit of an embankment, nothing to new there I’ve seen loads of lorry’s crashed along the roads in India! This one must have happened fairly recently though as there was a body lying on the side of the road covered with a blanket! Not nice!

I was all set for a nice early finish today, got to about 20 miles from Raipur and got stopped by somebody on a motorcycle, nothing new there, keep being stopped for a chat so thought nothing of it, the man introduced himself and said his friend would like to interview me! So off we went to his friends office, they run the local newspaper and wanted to know all about my trip and the reasons, turned out that the wife of one of the men is suffering from cancer also, so my reasons were also close to his heart, after we’d been talking for a while another man turned up with a TV crew! They got me to ride up and down the road while they filmed, then we sat in front of the bike while he interviewed me, a few people started to gather which is normal, then after the interview I was asked if I had a message for the people of India! Blimey, talk about being put on the spot, think I just said thank you for all being so kind to a stranger!

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