Cycle Touring England Saturday 17th June. Wool to Southbourne. 71 miles.

Well I was going to go home today, but seeing as the weather is so nice and I don’t have to be home until tomorrow lunchtime I’ve decided to stay away for another night! I’m only about 12 miles from home but hey why not!

Shell bay
Shell bay

The campsite last night was awful, over priced and run more like a concentration camp!

Yarmouth harbour
Yarmouth harbour

The toilets had one code to get in (it was different for male and females) and the wash room had another code!

Spinnaker tower and Portsmouth harbour
Portsmouth and the Spinnaker tower

At 9.30 last night the camp guards, I mean wardens, came round for an inspection and to make sure that everybody kept to their area and wasn’t taking up more room than they should do!

I got told off for charging my phone as I hadn’t paid for an electric hookup!

“Is that your phone? They asked,

“yes” I said,

“How long has it been charging?”

“Not long it’ll be charged soon”

“Well make sure you take it off soon, you never paid for electric!”

“It’s a phone!” I said! Bloody gastapo!

Beer cans
A relaxing evening ahead

At least I’ve had a nice ride today and the weather has been brilliant.

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