Bike-Ride to Australia 17th-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Saturday 17th-March-2012. In Denpasar. After my phone call with the phone company yesterday, I had rather a lot to drink! But at least it de-stressed and relaxed me. And maybe I had a slight hangover this morning. I slipped and fell getting out of the shower! But at least I didn’t smash the shower screen this time! Serbia 18th November 2011!

After breakfast, I finished packing my bike away and spent a few hours uploading photos to my Flickr page. By midday, I’d finished, and I went out for a walk. I went along the beach. It was very quiet, and there was hardly anybody there. And the few people on the beach were having surfing lessons. And thankfully, there weren’t rows of sunbeds littering the beach.

Sandy beach
At least the beach is a lot cleaner here

Denpasar, in some respects, reminds me of Spain, but instead of the hoards of Brits, it’s full of Aussies! It’s very touristy. There are plenty of little shops here that my wife and daughter would have loved. The sort of place that when the kids were small, we used to holiday at.

I ended the day watching the formula one qualifying in a bar. I enjoyed that, and it did make me feel that I was on holiday. That’s exactly what I used to do on family holidays. Find a bar to watch F1 while the family were on the beach or by the pool! Shame I’ll be at the airport for the race tomorrow. I stayed at the bar for most of the afternoon talking to the staff.

Vodafone phoned me, but I ignored their call. I wanted to enjoy my last night in Indonesia.

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