Saturday 17th November 2012 – Shijazhuang to Baoding.

Shijazhuang to Baoding. 91 miles.

Extremely flat ride today, don’t think I came across one hill!

Met a cycling club as I was riding along, stopped and had the normal none conversation with them which is always fun a.d had loads of photos taken with them. They also gave me a flag with their club name on.

Thought I was back in Kazakhstan a couple of times today, the road got really bad! First time in China so I can’t complain.

The poor waitress tonight, first she just kept filling my glass and didn’t stop until somebody pointed it out that it was overflowing,, when she put the bottle down she missed the table and it fell onto the floor which was glass that shattered, she then put her foot on it and that went straight through! No harm done to her. The head waitress said that she was just over excited to see me!?!

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