Saturday 18th May. Colleville-Sur-Mer to Houlgate. 49 miles.

Lazy day today with an early finish!

Boat lorry beach
One of the many poster size photos taken in ww2 that are along the road

It rained in the night, which meant packing the tent away wet! Which is fine I have to do it all the time. But today’s been very overcast, and it even started to rain again! So weighing things up I thought it best to stop nice and early, to give things a chance to dry out!

Houses cliffs sea

Despite it being overcast it’s been another good day! Again mainly down to all the D-Day stuff. All the various museums, with their military displays outside, the Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches-les-Bains and again the streets lined with the photos of people lost on D-Day!

Cows in a field
Some nice ladies I met enroute today

Met a nice Canadian cyclist today who I kept playing tag with for a while. Although I eventually lost him as he was only doing 50km a day!

2 Replies to “Saturday 18th May. Colleville-Sur-Mer to Houlgate. 49 miles.”

  1. Those cows have got your number. Another cyclist? The CTC must be sending out riders to slow you down. How do you record your trips? Do you have notebooks? Do you buy your grub in local shops? Where do you get your six packs?

    1. Yes, I have a little notebook where I record, distance, time and roads taken.
      Food is bought wherever I can find it and beer usually at the same time, although I always carry emergency supplies! Of both beer and food!

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