Saturday 19th May 2012 – San Francisco to Stockton

San Francisco to Stockton. 78 miles.

Bit of a nightmare getting out of San Francisco, I went over the Golden Gate bridge to start with, that was going to be a really long way round, but it was the only one I could find, all the other roads lead to freeways which you can’t cycle on and even that way wasn’t that straight forward. Got talking to a bloke on the other side of the bridge and he suggested I used the Bart (underground) that way I would avoid all the bridges that you can’t cross on by bike and it would get me far enough away from the city and all the freeways! Strange being able to take your bike on the underground, but it’s all fine here it’s allowed. Still had a nightmare with the roads but I think I’m OK now, not on the one I wanted to be on but this one is good enough.

Going on today’s effort and looking at the map it’s not going to be that straight forward getting to New York!

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