Saturday 19th November 2011

Stara Planina Serbia
Somewhere in the Stara Planina Serbia

Sat 19. Knsjazevac to Pirot 41 miles. Hard work today. Didn’t wake up until nearly 8 o’clock, spent last night with a Romanian football team who were there for a tournament between Romania, Croatia and Serbia, that much I do remember! Everything else seems a bit of a blur, I’d had about 5 pints before they asked me to join them, they then gave me some Romanian whiskey which I thought was more like vodka as it was clear but they insisted it was whiskey, then it was onto wine all this was home brewed as it was in old coke bottles. Don’t remember going up to bed or what time, all I saw this morning was that I’d obviously fallen over in the bathroom and smashed the shower screen! Went down for breakfast and the hotel owner asked if I was ok and how was my head! He said that there was a lot drunk. I confessed about the shower screen and said I would pay for the damage, he charged me 100 euros which I thought was pretty good of him and he seemed ok about it all and wished me a safe journey. Due to my late start, I didn’t start riding until 10 o’clock, it was hard work think I was still drunk from the night before and it was all up hill! Should have made Bulgaria today but due to my late start I obviously didn’t i’m about 25 miles away so should be there tomorrow country number 8.

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