Bike-Ride To Australia 19th-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 19th-November 2011 Knsjazevac to Pirot 41 miles. It’s been hard going today, not because of hills or a headwind. But because of a Romanian football team!

After supper last night, I remained at my table to write the days blog. And as per normal, I had a few beers. I think maybe five! It was just one of those evenings when I’d got a taste for their strong dark beer, my favourite! Anyway, I’d just about finished my blog and was thinking of going up to bed when a group of men sitting across the room beckoned me over to join them. “Hey, Mr English, get off Facebook and come and join us for a drink,” said one of the men in his broken English. I tried to explain that I wasn’t on Facebook but gave up and went to join them.

Stara Planina Serbia
Somewhere in the Stara Planina Serbia

From now on, everything is a bit of a blur! But what I do remember is that they were a Romanian football team, who were here for a football tournament between themselves, Croatia and Serbia. And they were drinking some homebrew out of old coke bottles, they poured me a glass, or rather a plastic cup. Bloody hell! “What the hell was that?” I asked. “Romanian whiskey”, they replied, as they laughed at my response! I thought it was more like vodka, but they insisted it was whiskey! Anyway, my last recollection was of the hotel manager taking me to my room!

The Following Morning

I eventually woke up at 8 o’clock and wondered what had happened last night. As I got up, I noticed the shattered shower screen lying in the bottom of the shower! And remembered falling through it! It then started to come back to me, the Romanian football team and their homebrew!

Waterfall along the route today

I went downstairs for breakfast, wondering what to do about the shower screen! “good morning,” said the manager “how’s your head? You drank a lot last night,” as he pointed across the room to a table strewn with empty bottles and plastic cups! “I’m fine”, was my reply, as I thought about the shower door. In the end, I plucked up the courage to tell the manager about the door and that I would pay for the damage. He’d been so good to me! And I felt so guilty.

After looking at the damage, he said 100 euros would cover the damage. Which I thought was very reasonable. I’m sure the actual cost was a lot more! As I left the hotel, apologising as I went, the manager wished me well on my journey and hoped to see me again someday. I bet he doesn’t! It was now 10 o’clock, and I’m pretty sure I was still drunk! I’m sure that had I not felt so guilty about the shower, I wouldn’t have moved hotels!

Man sitting by bike
I’ll just have a little rest

I should have made it to Bulgaria today, but I kept stopping to rest! I mean, take photos! I was glad to finish riding today!

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