Turkey, Cycling The World 1st-September-2012

Garry McGivern’s cycling around the world, Saturday, 1st-September-2012, in Istanbul, Turkey. More time on the laptop this morning. I’m getting pretty good at this computer malarkey. Bad news from America, I received an email with a bill for my accident in Jersey City. Thankfully it wasn’t for very much! It was only 21,000 US dollars!! Twenty-one thousand dollars, I think I’ll just have to keep moving, so they don’t catch up with me! Anybody know any rich widows??

Bridge boats water
Bridge across the Bosphorus

After receiving that email, I went down to the hotel bar for a drink. After all, I was in shock, and it was required for medical purposes! A couple of beers later and some lunch, I returned to my room and must have fallen asleep. When I woke up, I was really disoriented, not having a clue where I was or whether it was night or day! I’d only had a few pints. Maybe that was the problem. I didn’t have enough! I rechecked my emails just in case I’d dreamt about the bill from America. But I hadn’t. It was real.

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Don’t forget the main reason behind my ride. I want to raise as much money for cancer research charities as possible. After my wife, Josie, died of breast cancer in 2007, aged only 42. Even the smallest donation helps. You can donate to Cancer Research UK or the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation. Click on either one to donate. Every little bit helps to rid the world of this cruel disease.

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