Saturday 20th July. Salthill to Ballina. 76 Miles.

Well I was glad to finish again tonight! It’s not been a particularly hard ride, it was more I was tired!

After managing to set up the tent inbetween showers yesterday and also get supper out of the way, I settled down for the evening. The campsite had good wifi so I decided to listen to the radio, via my phone.

Castle in Galway

I didn’t get to hear too much as it started to rain, and of course it always sounds worse in a tent (doesn’t it Julie!!)

Well after giving up on the radio I tried to go to sleep, but couldn’t, it was just too noisy!

I know I was awake at midnight, and it was still raining because I looked at the time, and I know it had stopped at 5am because I was up! How long it went on for inbetween, who knows!

New friends

2 Replies to “Saturday 20th July. Salthill to Ballina. 76 Miles.”

  1. 76 miles! My coffee mates couldn’t believe it. There seems to be a lot of old ruins about. Was that Oliver Cromwell? Lovely cows! It’s a long way to Tipperary.

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