Saturday 20th October 2012 – In a storm drain to Hami.

 In a storm drain to Hami. 110 miles.

What a bleak cold night I just about managed to stay warm enough, what with very little shelter, the wind was howling around me! I was glad when it started to get light again so I could continue uphill.

About half a mile up the hill there was a nasty accident a lorry had gone into the back of another one, not a lot left of it, I heard it happen last night, I did have a look, but couldn’t see anything and all the traffic seemed to be moving so presumed it wasn’t anything.

As I climbed higher it got colder, even with all my layers on I wasn’t exactly boiling. It had been snowing up here and the road was just a sheet of ice, loads of minor accidents very scary stuff, trying to stay on myself and making sure that a lorry doesn’t skid into me! It took me nearly 5 hours to do 20 miles!

After I’d reached the top and started to come down the road cleared of snow and ice and I felt safe again. The wind also dropped the more I descended.

I was feeling pretty tired by the end of the day, the last 40 km seemed to take forever. Eventually found a hotel and finished about 8pm, another long tiring day.

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