Saturday 21st April 2012 – Gunning to Mittagong.

Gunning to Mittagong. 83 miles

Started the day of with another puncture and a broken rear rack! I’d had a rattling coming from the back of the bike for a few days now, so I knew something had broken but I just couldn’t see it, not until I took the wheel off to fix the puncture, one of the bolts had sheered and the rack was knocking against the frame. Luckily I had spare bolts as this happened a couple of years ago when I was touring Ireland, since then I’ve always carried a couple of spare ones with me, so it was a fairly quick fix and I was soon on my way again!

Crossed over the Great Dividing Range today at 723 metres, not exactly that high but it’s been a pleasant couple of days in the hills, much better than those long flat straight roads, it’s also getting pretty green now, whereas it’s been mainly sun scorched fields or desert since Perth!

Going to stop in Sydney and play the tourist for a few days, been invited by a lady I met on the last day in Bali, going to stay in her apartment, with her and her flatmate Noel, which is really nice of here, saves on hotel bills! It’ll also give me a chance to get some new bits for my bike and enjoy home cooking!

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