Saturday 21st January 2012 – Na Mo to Pakmong.

Na Mo to Pakmong. 83 miles

How strange, when I was in China I couldn’t find anybody that spoke english. Got to the top of a big climb this morning and stopped to have a look when two 4×4 stopped and out jumped loads of Chinese people who also wanted to have a look and take some pictures. When they saw me they didn’t bother with the view they were just interested in taking photos of me and my bike and they all spoke perfect english, they were from Shanghai and were going to Thailand.

Long hard day today didn’t finish riding until gone 9 this evening, the roads have got really bad more like tracks with the odd piece of tarmac, apparently 2 years ago the roads were fine, not that that helps me.

Bumped into a couple from Ireland who were also on bikes, it was about 4ish and asked them if they’d passed any guest houses, the only one they knew about was the one they stayed in last night about 50km ago and there was a 20km climb in between! I’d passed a guest house about 5km ago and wondered whether to stay or not, I also wondered whether to turn around but that wasn’t going to happen! After talking to them for a while I said farewell and decided to push on, at least they didn’t have far to go.

Off I set and was soon climbing again, managed to get to the top just as it was getting dark, but at least it was downhill now all the way to the guest house. That was pretty treacherous in the dark with no real road surface and when you’d get another vehicle pass you you’d just be covered in a huge dust storm, not able to see a thing. Eventually made it to the guest house at about 9.30 and what a welcome sight it was, it was a restaurant as well so first thing a nice cold beer, think I deserved it!

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