Travelsonabike2 India Saturday 22nd-October-2016

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in India on Saturday, 22nd-October-2016. Indore to Sehore. 91 miles. It’s been a fairly flat and uneventful ride today I’ve just been putting the miles in.

Garry McGivern
Leaving the hotel this morning

As I was leaving the hotel this morning, I noticed a sign pinned to the lift saying, “All rooms had to be vacated on the 22nd and 23rd for government officials!” Think I was a bit lucky getting a room last night, and just as well, I didn’t arrive today! The only reason I put in such a long day yesterday was to get to Indore as A; I’ve not had a beer since leaving Dhule! And B, I’ve been eating “pure veg food” since leaving Mumbai. And I knew that there were western-style hotels in Indore where I could have got a beer and some meat. Two things I really enjoy! So it was a double disappointment not to find a hotel!

My Lucks In

I was going to push on to Bhopal tonight for the same reasons as above, but passing through Sehore, I just noticed this place. The hotel Cresent. The sign said “hotel, bar and restaurant,” the key word being bar!

I cycled in to be met by a man who didn’t speak any English, but he obviously knew what I wanted. And before I knew it, Passepartout and I were being shown to a room which was more like an igloo in shape. In fact, the whole hotel was a cluster of igloo-shaped buildings.

Strange looking hotel
My hotel for the night

Not only could I get a beer here, but the hotel restaurant sold meat! After last night’s disappointment, it was a triple bonus: beer, meat and Passepartout safe in the room with me! What more could I ask for? Maybe the internet. But hey I’ll take meat and beer tonight instead!

Nearly started to regret ordering the butter chicken tonight when all I got was a spoon to eat it with! And I drank the bar dry, which is nothing really surprising, not that I drank a huge amount (I could have had they not sold out!). But I remember my last trip to India, the bars always ran out. They just don’t stock enough, well not enough for some fat overweight Brit on a cycle tour!

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