Saturday 23rd June 2012 – Marysville to Mount Vernon.

Marysville to Mount Vernon. 54 miles.

Really early finish today only 50 odd miles. Needed to swap my tyres around and also do some computer work.

Was going to stop here tomorrow, but I’m not so sure now! First time I’ve stopped in a hotel since San Francisco so thought I’d try the hotel bar/restaurant. It’s obviously outsourced and run by a really strange family. I was trying to have a drink in the bar, I was the only one in there apart from the family that ran it, a husband and wife and two children. The wife was ok and so was the children, but the dad, a very large man who was sitting at a table close by with a bible open in front of him, just kept interrupting any conversation I had with any of the other family members with religious quotes! After half an hour I’d had enough and went to leave only to be stopped by they dad who wanted to shake my hand, which was fine but then he started to say a prayer and wouldn’t let go of my hand! I even went back in later on and very quickly left when he was still there!

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