Bike-Ride To Australia 24th-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia Saturday 24th-December 2011 Bagnan to Calcutta. 29 miles. As predicted, it was a short ride into Calcutta this morning, and I was in a hotel by 1 pm. It’s rather posh and is costing me a lot of money! But me being me, I couldn’t be bothered to search around! And as somebody once said to me, “better to pay a bit more and know you and your bike are safe.”

I need to get a visa for Bangladesh. After a quick shower, I went in search of the Bangladeshi high commission. It was one of the visa’s that I hadn’t obtained before leaving home. I wasn’t actually hopeful of it being open today, being a Saturday. But even if it wasn’t open, I’d know where it was. And as I thought, the high commission was closed.

I’d walked to the high commission and couldn’t help but notice the amount of Indians wearing Santa Clause hats! There’s definitely a Christmas feeling about the place, which isn’t too surprising, considering there’s a large Christian community here. And it was the home of Mother Teresa, who is possible India’s most famous Christian.

Domed white building
The Victoria Memorial in Calcutta

After my walk to the Bangladeshi commission, I returned to the hotel, where I spent the afternoon checking emails and updating the website. And I was very good, by not having a drink until 5 o’clock! I’m not too sure this hotel is right for me. It’s not my kind of place at all! I’m feeling like a fish out of water! But I’m here now and doubt very much I’ll move. I’m not so sure being away for Christmas is such a good idea either! I’m feeling a bit down now and somewhat lonely! Too much time to think is never a good thing!

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